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Pure Brown is a revolution to break male stereotypes & eliminate the toxic masculine mentality. We make the finest quality vegan cosmetics specifically designed for male skin.


Manhood is not pretty, easy or comfortable.

We want to take a crack at making a difference! We aim to approach men’s grooming products with an Indian sensibility providing pure, botanical, chemical-free, cruelty-free and vegan skincare products!

We offer a lifestyle upgrade for the Indian man. We are on a mission to redefine masculinity. A new movement for men who are not afraid to take care of themselves. A new kind of guy. We invite you to #BeThatGuy.

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Quickly make waves with the skincare personal regimes, get cusromised, concise and clear approach to male complexions: think blemish-busting, redness-reducing, and fatigue-fighting formulas. Pure Brown VIP members will be offered personal services ranging from Age Management (its Dark Circle Defense is a standout) to Classic Maintenance (featuring its cult-favorite charcoal Cleanser) Regimes are sent out every two months; perfectly timed to be sure you’ll never go without and to make sure your skincare items are crafted to your needs, including your skin type and age.

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