Top 5 Skin Essentials You Cannot Skip While Travelling

Top 5 Skin Essentials You Cannot Skip While Travelling

You don’t skip eating, or drinking water, why do you pause your skincare routine? In fact, you should be more careful about your skin when you travel. The water, the weather and the diet you follow will all be different from what your body and skin are used to. So ignoring your skin on trips and saying “oh it’s just a few days” might just come back to bite you on the backside.

So men, listen up, in our continued efforts of taking care of our skin and stepping away from the ‘9-in-1’ products, here are 5 skin essentials all men must travel with. Make a checklist when packing for your next trip. We highly recommend getting a kit bag to keep all of it in one place in your luggage. 




First things first, facewash for men is like water for plants. You need it to survive. We have a tendency to just straight up put soap or 9 in 1 shower gels to your face. Your face is delicate. It gets a ton of skin and pollutant exposure and it needs specialised products- like a good facewash for men

You could be sweaty after a long trek or a long day of sightseeing or after running through the airport to get to the gate in time, whatever your travel throws at your skin wash it all of. So the first thing you pack for your trip should always be a facewash


Pure Brown Pro Tip:

Your body chemistry is different to that of women- so your mother’s or sister’s or girlfriend's facewash is not going to cut it- buy a good facewash for men.  It will say so on the label. Flip it around and read the labels when you are buying one to ensure that it does not contain a long list of chemicals. If you are in the market for a non-toxic facewash tailor-made for Indian men.




Have you experienced your skin drying up while being outside for long? Think of being in a bus or walking in cold places where you don’t sweat. Dry is a bad adjective for your sense of humor and your skin. So if you don’t want your skin to dry out-moisturise. 

Now you could ask “those things come in huge bottles, how will I travel with them”. Size matters when you travel. 

Everything comes in smaller sizes, especially in India. We love sachets and trial packs. If you think something is too big for you, you can always find something smaller that satisfies your need. Or find one of those circular face cream for men twisty boxes. Use it to carry a smaller portion of moisturiser. 

Speaking of face cream for men, most Indian men use moisturiser as a face cream. Face creams are made for your face- moisturisers are made for your whole body. So don’t miss out on the rest of your body.

“Why should I use it everywhere? Only my face and hands are visible to outsides” is not the essence of skin care. Skincare is about self-care. It’s about keeping your skin healthy, not just making the visible portions look healthy. So remember moisturiser is not face cream for men. Moisturiser is an important skincare product that keeps your skin healthy and soft.




This is a no brainer. The sun is everywhere, at your cousin’s wedding or at the beach, even in Antarctica. (P.S if you are in Antarctica please make sure you have enough sunscreen, the ozone layer situation there is kinda scary) 

So if you don’t want to get tanned or make your skin suffer UV damage, sunscreen up! It’s such a simple thing that will make a HUGE difference (huge in caps for dramatic effect because it warrants it.) Wherever you are, whatever you do, if you step out-use sunscreen. Ideally about 10 minutes before stepping out. It’s that simple. 

Sunscreen, for men, is an unavoidable component of your skincare kit. Again, remember, sunscreen for men, made for men is essential. If it’s made for your skin chemistry, it works better. When you are buying one, ensure that the label says ‘sunscreen for men’  or just click this link. We have done that work for you. 


Beard Care Kit 


Are you a man that sports facial hair? 

You don’t want to walk up to a presentation with a beard that makes you look homeless. You don’t want to get down from your bike, remove your helmet and see that the hours of ride through scenic winding roads have given your beautiful beard a permanent chinstrap .

The fluctuations in diet and regular maintenance can cause beard growth to be affected while travelling leading to patchy, frizzy and dry beards.

There is a simple solution that comes in a bottle that can solve all these problems and it is called a beard growth oil.

It will help to keep your beard looking sharp even if the outdoors makes it frizzy. Beard growth oils will help keep the skin underneath your beard from drying out and causing beard dandruff. It will keep your beard on track with your growing and grooming needs while you travel and enjoy the world.


Pure Brown pro tip:

Make sure you wash and trim your beard regularly to stop excess sweat and oil from becoming trapped in your hairs and clogging your pores. 

If you have a beard and you are assembling your travel skincare kit, please don’t overlook beard growth oil thinking, “oh it’s just a few days”. 

If it was easy to rock a good beard, everyone would have one. Give your beard some love and it will love you back. You can start loving it here with our awesome beard growth oil


Grooming Essentials

Now, Now.. we are not savages. Every man should have a toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant with him for all his travels. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

Dental hygiene and smelling good are non-negotiables where you are, whatever you are doing. Attending a seminar in an office building or bungee jumping off a cliff, smell good and be clean, always. It’s an instant sign that shows maturity and self respect.  

Always ensure your travel kits has these 3 things as well.

To sum it all up:
Wash your face, moisturise, use sunscreen, maintain your facial hair, brush your teeth and put on deodorant.

Let’s not overcomplicate this.

Get a kit, put these things in and you are ready for adventure. You are ready for an adventure that makes your friends say “Woah, bro, really?”.  You are ready to make stories that you will one day tell your grandkids.

Go out there and live a life filled with adventure.

It’s no secret that we here at Pure Brown are obsessed with skincare for men. We believe that everyone deserves to have beautiful, healthy skin.  But as with many things, skincare for men is often overlooked. If you want to take care of your skin and be a part of our skincare revolution- join the Brown Squad and earn yourself some major brownie points.


Don’t compromise on your skin, elevate your skincare game and #BeThatGuy 

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