A No Bu*l Sh*t Guide to Beard Growing and Grooming

A No Bu*l Sh*t Guide to Beard Growing and Grooming

What does having a beard mean? Yes, it looks glorious, but it is cumbersome to grow one out. Does a beard make you macho instantly? No- but it doesn’t hamper your chances. Your masculinity is not directly proportional to the amount of hair you have on your face. But if as a matter of aesthetics you happen to be a fan of one- we can’t lie, we kinda like it too. Beards are great as long as you are not toxic about yours! With all that said and done, the Pure Brown Men have realised that it is hard to grow one out. The rate at which people stop committing to their beard journey has us concerned. So we are trying to do something about it. Here is a guide that will help you push through and achieve your beard goals.


There is just one thing that is a hindrance to the beard of your dreams. It might seem so obvious -  Grooming and a grooming kit for men! 


A good grooming routine with a grooming kit for men will keep your beard clean and make it look sharp. Ask yourself this: Why have you given up on your previous attempts at growing a beard?


The two common answers are: ‘It itches a lot and ‘It looks shabby’. Grooming solves both these problems. 


Your next question should be: How should I care for my beard? 

First things first, wash your beard. You are extremely unlikely to give up if you don’t have to scratch your beard every 10 minutes.  Ideally, you would want a beard wash, but any natural shampoo should do the trick of keeping your beard clean and itch-free.


Now to solve the second problem of looking shabby: Here are the tools you will need to bridge the gap between the clean shave crew and the awesome dudes: A good beard trimmer, a beard comb and most importantly: a good beard growth oil.



1. A Good Beard Trimmer

As counter intuitive as it seems, a good beard trimmer is essential in your journey towards being a legend. “ Why?” you ask ? Remember how easily you quit last time when your beard started to look shabby? This avoids that. 

Neatly trim out your necklines and evenly maintain your mane. It’ll make you look sharp. No awkward middle phase is going to stop your journey to glory! Get yourself a favour and ensure you have a beard trimmer before you get into this commitment! 


2. A Beard Comb

This is the tool that separates the men from the boys. If your idea is to grow a nice medium-cut beard or stubble to look stunning, you can skip this one. But if your idea of a beard, is a BEARD- then you’ll want to get a beard comb to tame your pride and joy every single day


3. A good Beard Growth Oil

We have talked extensively about how great moisturisers are. Think of beard oil as your moisturiser for your beard and the skin underneath. No more flaky skin, No more patchy, uneven, or frizzy beard. 

Word of caution: Be careful when choosing a beard growth oil. Ensure that it is not peppered with chemicals that are bad for your skin.


Here is a PureBrown Pro Tip:

Pure Brown’s Beard Growth Oil is powered with Murumuru butter that helps tame frizzy, kinky, dry, and damaged beards. It is also enriched with Moringa Oil to moisturize the skin and help prevent beard dandruff.  Also, enriches even beard growth.

Let's be honest, growing a beard is a labour of love. It takes patience, dedication, and a lot of TLC. But once you see the fruits of your labour, it's all worth it. We hope we helped you with some of the basics of growing and grooming a beard. 

It’s no secret that we here at Pure Brown are obsessed with skincare for men. We believe that everyone deserves to have beautiful, healthy skin.  But as with many things, skincare for men is often overlooked. If you want to take care of your skin and be a part of our skincare revolution- join the Brown Squad and earn yourself some major brownie points. Don’t compromise on your skin, elevate your skincare game and #BeThatGuy 

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