5 Step Skincare Tips for Men On-The-Go!

5 Step Skincare Tips for Men On-The-Go!

“Skincare, shmin care, *blows raspberries* I don’t have time for it.” Well, this is a not-so-cool way of looking at skincare. 

Guys, listen up. Our skin deserves love and care. We don't realise the amount of damage neglected skin goes through, sometimes until it’s too late. Ignoring our skin does not make us tough and taking care of it does not make us ‘soft’. Manhood is evolving, jump on board or you’ll be left behind. 

As men, we tend to neglect skincare tips and think that it's not necessary. Sometimes it could be because we don’t have enough time to dedicate to cool  ‘ My Morning skincare routine ’ videos we see on YouTube of dudes who look like they have an extra 3 hours every day to work out and put on face masks. But the sad truth is they don’t have an extra 3 hours. Not to burst your bubble but if they have an active presence on YouTube, their day is probably as packed as that of a busy professional. They are just disciplined and they make it work. 

We all lead busy lives. But we can always find time for ourselves. Skincare is not different from any other habit we want to build. We just have to skinvest (all puns intended) in it and slowly but steadily we’ll reap pretty big rewards. 

So in the spirit of becoming better, in the spirit of evolving manhood, we are about to solve this problem. Have a busy schedule? Packed calendars? No time for a proper skincare routine? Fret not!

Here are Pure Brown’s 5 step skincare tips for men on-the-go :


  1. Drink water!

Bearing in mind the risk of sounding like a broken record player, we want to remind all of mankind, not just men. DRINK WATER! 

It’s not that hard for us to do. Put a recurring reminder on our phones and drink to our hearts fill and see how our skin clears up and starts to glow! No skincare tip in the world will help more than this.


     2. Wash your face, buddy!

Twice a day for optimum results. It should be common sense for us at this point:  Skincare care for men begins with a good facewash. When sweat, dirt and dust pile up on our face problems like acne starts to pop up. 

Here is a Pure Brown pro tip

A facewash should not burn the face. If you feel a burning sensation while using one, read the label and cross-check it with our 5 Toxic Ingredients to watch out for in skin care products for men  blog

And then find a facewash devoid of harmful chemicals. Fear not, we have it covered with our Pure Brown Facewash for men.


      3. Moisturise, my dear men!

Moisturising is the common point you will find in every blog post regarding skincare routine for men. Why? Because it is that important. Moisturise my dear men! Ash is not a good colour on us! Moisturizing helps keep our skin hydrated and supple. It will help fight against unwanted bumps, scars and blemishes by keeping our skin looking, being and feeling healthy, happy and hydrated.


     4.Use Sunscreen, son!

How hard is it for us to get it into our heads! UV damage, skincare and tanning- this magical thing can save our skin! Do we care? Do we use sunscreen? We should!

Use your sunscreen everyday at least 10 minutes before stepping out. It’s that simple.  

Here is a Pure Brown Skincare tip:

Use sunscreen even when it is not hot or sunny out. UV rays don’t stop harming our skin just because there is some cloud cover around

On the lookout for a good sunscreen that protects your skin naturally against UV damage and tanning, take a look at Pure Brown’s Sunscreen.


     5.Start small and be consistent

Like everything in life, it’s not possible to start at 100. Sit first before raising your legs for comfort is life-changing advice we all should heed (even when it comes to skincare routine).  Baby steps while starting. One day at a time. 

A good face wash and sunscreen every day is a great launchpad into the world of skincare! Don’t forget, consistency is key. Start small, do it every day and keep adding on to your skinvestments till you become a skinspiration!

Looking for a great way to accelerate that skincare journey, look no further. We have it covered! Check out Pure Brown’s The Busy Guy Combo!


So, let's stop making excuses for ourselves and start. We miss 100% of the shots we don’t take. So let’s take a crack at it. We might just #BeThatGuy

It’s no secret that we here at Pure Brown are obsessed with skin care products for men. We believe that everyone deserves to have beautiful, healthy skin.  But as with many things, skincare for men is often overlooked. If you want to take care of your skin and be a part of our skincare revolution- join the Brown Squad and earn yourself some major brownie points. Don’t compromise on your skin, elevate your skincare game and #BeThatGuy
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